ESTA for train travel in the US

ESTA for train travel in the US

Many of us know about the inter-rail system of Europe, but only some people know that the US has its own interstates version of rail. Luckily, when a traveler with ESTA travels to the US, they can embark on their amazing railway adventure across the United States.

AMTRAK is the USA’s sole interstates rail company that sold the USA Rail Pass. Tourists can make their own tailor journey with this USA Rail Pass. ESTA USA is the Electronic System of Travel Authorization that is a must to get to the US in the first place. To use USA Rail Pass, a traveler will surely need an approved ESTA. This is an automated system that shows the eligibility of a person to enter the USA under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). According to this VWP, citizens of member countries can enter the US for 90 days or less without having Visa. Thanks to ESTA, the Department of Homeland Security matches the traveler’s data electronically with that provided by airlines before rejecting or accepting any application. ESTA is completely an online procedure that provides an ease to the travelers who wish to visit the US for business or pleasure.

ESTA & USA Rail Pass:

While traveling by the US Rail Pass, a traveler needs four key things to keep with them:

  • The USA Rail Pass itself
  • Ticket for the train
  • Travel authorization generally ESTA

However, there is no need to have printed ESTA as it is automatically attached to the digital or e-passport of a traveler. But, it is not a bad idea to print ESTA just in case to make a note of the unique authorization number of an individual. There is no need for ESTA only in case when you have a proper US visa.

If you are a tourist and wish to see some of the lesser-seen countrysides of the USA, traveling by train is a fantastic option for you. You can experience a stunning range of scenery, as you calmly, gazing out the window. Before being lost in the beautiful visual treats during your train journey never forget that you will need to apply for ESTA, online to go to the USA. This superb facility of ESTA is only for 39 countries that are part of this Visa Waiver Program and the validity of ESTA is generally for two years or until the ESTA holder’s passport expires.

Now, what are you waiting for?

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