Get all the supports for the cooking classes

Get all the supports for the cooking classes

France, destination for lovers of good food, wine and the arts, a country that nourishes the senses with its unparalleled flavors, its unforgettable scents perceived here and there during a walk and its beauty. A country rich in culinary gems from a long tradition of know-how. Country of la dolce vita, this sweetness of life that people sometimes miss.

These trips are an opportunity to share with you all these French delicacies; make you discover or rediscover them. Based on expert experience as owners of an Italian grocery store for 20 years as well as the cooking classes and trips been offered since 2007, you will be offered with an Italy on a human scale, greatly satisfying for all the senses.

The French gastronomy, with its great regional diversity, has gained a worldwide reputation among gourmets who do not hesitate to meet every year on Cooking Vacationsin France. This Mediterranean cuisine is full of sun, fragrant and knows how to combine aromas and flavors to offer French dishes that are always amazing. Because a trip abroad also means familiarizing your palate with the local tradition, why not take advantage of a vacation rental in Italy to discover the history of Italy and taste the jewels of the region.  Italian gastronomy? Cook yourself by the help of experts from the international kitchen, who use to offer professional classes to all who loves to learn French cuisines.

French cuisine and gastronomy

Yet made with the simplest products, the French gastronomy amazes with its generosity and its explosions of flavors. From the start, the caprese salad (tomatoes, mozzarella, basil) which people love in France in summer, captivates the nostrils and the palate. The real pizzas are made in front of you in order to appreciate the spectacle and the know-how: it make you rediscover this typical Italian dish. Pasta can be eaten in all sauces, it is especially those made from vegetables including mushrooms that will make you melt.

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