A lifestyle decision is making the purchase of a yacht. You should have a yacht of your own and spend a lot of time on it. You can expect to spend at least 10% on your watercraft’s maintenance and upkeep each year. We are often asked about the potential investment in a motor yacht.

A deluxe motor private yacht is not like other boats and autos that automatically decrease in value. Due to the high quality and reputation of the manufacturer and/or the marine architect, some designs and manufacturers are more well-known than others. If you’re looking for a luxury yacht that will hold its value when resold, a skilled luxury yacht broker can help you.

As you can buy a property, I would not recommend buying a yacht solely as a financial investment. It is more difficult to find a luxury private yacht than property in the marketplace. It is market-based on high-value assets, which can often depreciate if they are not properly maintained. This is costly and it is inevitable.

Upkeep And Other Expenses

However, this does not mean that an electric motor private yacht can be considered an automated “cash pit”. These are ways to make your financial investment smarter and to reduce or offset your operational costs.

A private yacht management company is a great way to reduce the cost of maintaining and operating your private electric motor yacht. A reliable and vetted yacht monitoring firm can help you save around 30% on your dockage costs as well.

Many owners of electric motor yachts choose to charter their yacht as a way to offset the cost of running it. You will need to pay for dockage, routine maintenance, insurance, and other costs when you put your yacht into a charter. If you want to market your watercraft as a return for your investment, a luxury yacht available for charter will have a higher profile than one that is only available for private use. An electric motor private yacht charter customer is more likely to take her for a test drive.

Chartering has its advantages and disadvantages. Not all yacht owners will enjoy the same benefits from making their yachts available for charter.

What Is Your Roi Worth?

Financial investments are viewed in economic circles as both first investment and Roi (ROI). Ask monetary experts for a more detailed explanation. Is it possible to own a private luxury yacht? While I would say “Yes”, keep in mind that there are many types of “financial investment” with different types of “Return on investments”.

Although a yacht is not always the best economic investment, it can be a good investment for your mental and physical health. You won’t find a more relaxing way to spend your stressful free time than on a luxury yacht crewed by a professional. There are also huge returns on your investment. A private yacht purchase can be a great financial investment. You will spend more time with your family, friends, and enjoy many of the unforgettable getaways.

This article was written by Ed Massey, President of Massey Yacht sales and service. Massey Yacht Sales & Service has continuously been in the yacht sales and outfitting business since 1986. At Massey, customer satisfaction has been and will remain our most important measure of success. If you are looking for Sailboats for sale Pensacola then contact us today!