Is it necessary to carry your passport with you all the time?

Is it necessary to carry your passport with you all the time?

If you ask travelers about the accessories they keep very near and dear to their heart while they are visiting other countries?

Cellphone, wallet, and camera.

This is the most common answer you receive from their side. But many forget about the most important traveling accessory. Yes! Passport is the most essential part of your traveling abroad that needs your utmost attention and care. There is no such need to carry your passport everywhere with you during your trip, but it is also not inadvisable to put it anywhere in your hotel room without any security. To keep this precious traveling accessory safe and protected you need to be so much conscious and attentive during the whole traveling journey.

Passport and visa are simply unavoidable documents till now for traveling abroad, but imagine a scenario in which you can keep your visa and passport online with you and make it available in any circumstances or situation, simply with some clicks. It is so pleasing even to dream about it, but it is surely going to happen in the near future. Mr. Tolga Akcay is a young, talented, and successful Turkish-German entrepreneur who has achieved all his success and wealth on his own. Tolga believes in adding his share to bring positive changes in the world and that is why he has started Exvisa is a modern concept of keeping people independent of physical traveling documentation with them during trips abroad.

The technology is about digitizing passport and visa effectively, achieving international support in case of any regional shortage, and prohibiting the illegal immigration. Exvisa has an intelligent system to control immigration, emigration, and dislocation affairs by using a series of innovative parameters. Tolga Akcay is always so much concerned about the security and protection of the important information of people that is why he has used a transparent blockchain method for digital visa and passport. This method is highly secured, hacker-proof, and cryptonizes the sensitive information before transferring into any blockchain. This whole mechanism not only secures the information of a person but makes it available for the relevant authorities and companies who can use it assures a targeted selection of people and candidates according to their requirements and needs.

This amazing feature of Exvisa allows countries and states to scrutinize immigrants based on their skill sets and it will surely be so much helpful for countries to fulfill their needs by utilizing the professional skills of their immigrants.


This revolutionary technology of Exvisa by Talgo Akcay is going to change this world more positively and progressively. By that time it is strongly advised to keep your passport and visa in a safe place during traveling. It is not necessary to take it everywhere with you as it may increase the risk of losing it. If it is necessary to keep it along with you then put it in any inside zipper or pocket. It is also recommended to keep a few passport size photos and at least two to three extra copies of all your traveling documents.

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