In-flight Wi-Fi, technology is transforming

In-flight Wi-Fi, technology is transforming

We have become so much addicted to wireless Interwebs. We can be online with just a smart tap or a quick click. Usually, we take free Wi-Fi for granted, but at 35,000 feet above the ground in the air, these connections are not so much accessible.

Think of a flight from Manchester to Hong Kong. This flight needs to cover a distance of approximately 9620 kilometers, and Manchester to Hong Kong flight time is at least 11 hours and 35 minutes. For this much more extended period staying away from social media and the internet feels like one of the worst nightmares. Here is everything you wish to know about the world of airlines with Wi-Fi.

The availability of Wi-Fi in flights is still a digital work in progress. Many of the major airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi, but they can’t provide the same services throughout their fleet. Wi-Fi in-flight services are continuously improving, but the travelers get pricing tires and a dizzying array of options. Still, they need to work a lot to fulfill travelers crushing need for YouTube.

There are two ways to provide in-flight connectivity. The first one is by using an Air to Ground (ATG) network. With this technique, the plane connects with the nearly ground-based tower. This system has a limited spectrum, and it only works close to land. Flying over sea, oceans, and mountains cause connectivity issues.

The second way is through an antenna that receives data through satellites in a geostationary orbit. It allows passengers to connect through an on-board router.

Do you know what the wrong thing is?

You cannot expect free Wi-Fi on planes very soon. Although some airlines are offering enticing amenity, the truth is that it is only suitable for messaging and checking your emails. For getting full services, you have to pay for it. There is a range of one-hour pass for$5 to unlimited plans for $50 for a month, but there are different combinations available on many airlines. After paying the price, still, there is a possibility of dicey connections.

There is some good news also!

Wi-Fi services are improving with every passing day. More and more airlines are installing Wi-Fi configuration to deliver your internet facilities into the skies. Airlines are quickly catching up with FlyFi technology. This satellite-based technology promises the vast modifications in connectivity and speed, and the future is looking better, broader, and faster for the on wings Wi-Fi experience. The best thing about airline Wi-Fi is that it gives you total control of its cost before takeoff. You may get online coupon codes to apply with flight Wi-Fi to find promotions. For booking a car rental, travel packages, or hotel bookings, you can ask about the available Wi-Fi discount package of the airline. Passengers are hoping for fast connections, and this desire is inspiring the airline industry to provide you with free and reliable Wi-Fi on planes. After all, they must make the skies user-friendly and make their customers happy in their seats.

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