Getting a Handle on Luggage

Getting a Handle on Luggage

In the movie “Up In The Air” there is one sequence that delights nearly any experienced travel pro. You’re likely to know which one I’m talking about if you’ve racked up a few frequent flier miles. George Clooney stands shocked in the scene as co-star Anna Kendrick appears at the airport dragging down the runway an antique pea green suitcase. First lesson for his fresh faceted prodigy by Ryan Bingham (played by Clooney)-it all begins with the correct package.

It’s incredible to think about how much effort we spend in preparing our journeys. We willingly spend countless hours shopping airlines, comparing hotels, and making some kind of itinerary while we’re there. It almost as if by the time the plane hits the tarmac, we’re ready to make local people. But how many people are paying a lot of attention to their luggage? It helps to ask about choosing the right pieces of luggage.

For one, several airlines are starting to charging baggage fees for checked luggage in the face of a slumping tourism industry coupled with factors such as the high fuel price. One major U.S. airline, for example, charges $25 for the first checked bag and $55 for the second. And don’t even dream of a third bag getting searched. You could also buy another ticket and let your luggage ride next to you in the seat. It only makes sense to consider what that luggage can offer you with the average cost of flying just your luggage somewhere. Here are some tips to make things simpler for you to drive.

Pack light for one. Avoid all those extra home luxuries like pillows, hair dryers, and gadgets, and never take with you more than two pairs of shoes. They’re bulky and they’re eating up valuable space in your case. A basic rule of thumb is that you probably packed too much if you can’t easily fit all your items into one big bag. Place everything on your bed or floor until you remove it and say, “What do I really need?” Put each object in your luggage at a time.

That brings me to the second tip of my journey. Invest in a rolling suitcase of good quality. Until slipping it under the seat in front of you, you wouldn’t place your machine in a plastic food store bag. Both treat the rest of your things like this. There are a large number of manufacturers of quality luggage out there. And it wouldn’t be fair to pick one up as heads and tails above the others, but you’ll never go wrong with labels like Samsonite luggage and Eagle Creek. Whatever you do, don’t buy a cheap package from your local grocery store or pharmacy in something that’s well constructed and sturdy.

Finally, one freebie is given by the airlines to travelers, a carry on. Use it with wisdom. Many airlines allow travelers to bring one suitcase in addition to one small item such as a purse, satchel or notebook. This is perfect because it helps you to totally bypass the whole process of checking your baggage and remove the chance that the airlines would strand you 3000 miles from home without changing your underwear. It is obvious to most travelers that all the luggage they would normally check should fit the first bag. Most novices are missing out on the second bag.

There is limited use of purses and laptop bags. We have limited space and are designed to carry only one form of object. They are not compartmentalized and if you overload them with a ton of stuff, you will endlessly dig around each time you need your wallet for a pre-flight coffee, or your boarding pass. Instead, try to pack all the contents you need to have regular access to in a multiple purpose carry on your bag. Again, a number of companies are carrying on designed to help the weary traveler.

Great carry on are the kipling bags. My wife loves her Sherpa Tote Kipling. It’s big enough to carry anything she wants, but she can throw it on her back like a normal bag, and she’s got multiple compartments and she knows where it’s all and can quickly reach anything from her ipod to her new romance novel.

Summer is coming, and it’s time for holidaymakers to take to the skies again. Follow these tips and you will never be stuck in front of a duty-free shop that will transfer all your belongings from one suitcase to the next. Now if it was just that easy for the rest of planning a trip.

A samsonite luggage along kipling bags is the best choice for a person to carry during a journey; they can cover all your needs.