Green Travel Tips: How to be Eco-Friendly When Traveling

Green Travel Tips: How to be Eco-Friendly When Traveling

According to the United Nations, we only have ten years left to make necessary changes to save the planet.

Not to scare you or anything, but don’t you think it’s high time to act now and contribute to the revolutionary change for the sake of Earth’s biodiversity?

If a billion people on this planet simultaneously decided to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle, imagine the waves of the positive impact it could create towards the preservation of this place we call home.

As a frequent traveler, we all can do our part in making sure that the generation after us can still explore and discover the pieces of nature we’ve come to appreciate. By being conscious travelers, we give them the chance to be able to enjoy the gifts of nature just as much as we enjoyed our time with it.

It doesn’t need much effort from us. It only requires us to put our hearts into it, and I’m sure being an eco-friendly traveler would come easy for us if we know by heart what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Here are some of the initiatives that you can do:

Unplug Your Home Appliances

If you keep asking yourself the reason why you need to save electricity anyway, if you have the means to pay for the cost, then here’s what you need to tell yourself the next time you ask yourself this question: Saving energy means we conserve our natural resources.

As much as we want these resources to be bottomless and free-flowing, they are depleting. We need to conserve them to provide enough energy for us and for future generations.

Now that you’re aware of the implications, it should become a habit always to unplug your home appliances every time you leave home and take a trip. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekend thing or a month-long trip when you have the chance to conserve energy, you must do it.

Besides, it can also help you save money.

Pack Light

You may not think that packing light can contribute to saving the planet. What does it have to do in terms of this matter?

The truth is the lighter you pack; the less carbon emission the plane would produce because it weighs less.

If all the passengers aboard the plane took this advice seriously, that would make a real change.

And the fact that you won’t have to line up at the check-in counter is enough to encourage us to do this. The only thing that you have to do now is to find the best luggage brands that best suits this need to pack light every time your travel.

Bring Your Own Toiletries

Bringing your own toiletries means you refuse to contribute to the pile of waste at the hotel you are staying at.

Since most hotels would provide their guests with mini shampoos and other shower necessities, it’s likely that they throw it away after guests are done with them.

So to counter that act, bringing reusable bottles for your shampoo, shower wash. And lotion can reduce the possibility of adding more waste to the destination you are visiting.

It’s a simple way to help with waste management wherever we may be.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Transportation

If you really mean to live out these eco-friendly principles, you have to go all in. Even your transportation choices can fuel up your mission of saving the planet.

You can start by doing research on which airlines commit to being the most environmentally-friendly. There are available data on the internet that you can read regarding their sustainability reports.

There are airlines that use biofuel and promote the use of recyclable materials from every flight they run. Alaska Airlines, for example, does exactly that.

You may also rent out a bike to see and explore the city. Less carbon emission means a happier planet for every one of us.

Eat and Drink Locally

By eating and drinking the food prepared by the locals, it boosts not only their business but also the local economy.

If the ingredients they’ve used to prepare your meal are from their own farm and backyard, it means that by supporting them, you help utilize their crops and produce properly.

Besides, the best meals are usually found in holes in the wall along with the local market or side streets.

Stay in Eco-Friendly Hotels

You may have heard of eco-friendly hotels in some of the places you have visited. Well, they should always be on top of your list of accommodation.

Most eco-friendly hotels are now competitive enough to provide quality service for guests who wish to enjoy their stay without worrying too much, and at the same time, help save the planet.

You may check hotels with LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council, according to Green Global Travel. These hotels have passed the quality assurance test regarding their sustainable efforts when it comes to water savings, energy efficiency, and material selection, among other things.

Other seals of approval that you should also look for are EarthCheck in Australia, Green Globe, Rainforest Alliance in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Green Tourism in the U.K.

Use Public Transportation or Walk

Renting out a car when we’re exploring a country or a new city sounds the best option for us because of its comfort and reliability.

The thing with sustainable tourism, though, is that it’s not always about being 100% comfortable. Offering a little sacrifice by taking public transport systems can go a long way. Ridesharing is an efficient way to lessen our carbon footprint.

If you think you can walk from your hotel to a restaurant, that sounds like a better plan, not to mention good for your health too!

Leave No Trace

“Leave nothing but footprints.”

Have you ever heard of that phrase? I’m sure you’ve heard of that somewhere. Now is the time to apply that every time you travel. It’s a way to show respect to the place you are visiting.

Whatever waste you produce during your trip, make sure that you put them where they should be, or better yet, apply the “reuse, reduce, recycle” slant. This is a move we owe to our children.