The Benefits of Hiring a Private Tour Guide when Travelling in Nice

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Tour Guide when Travelling in Nice

Planning for a trip to Nice soon? There are many benefits of hiring a private tour guide when visiting this place.  However, many people feel that having a private tour guide makes them lack privacy. But spending more time with a private tour guide will make the trip more interesting and you will also be more conversant with the most popular attractions.

Having an experienced private tour guide will make your tour more exciting and memorable.  Here are some of the incredible benefits of hiring a private tour guide in Nice.

  1. Private tour guides know more about Nice

You may decide to use all types of apps, watch travel vlogs about Nice, read many blogs, yet all of them combined cannot give you the same experience as having a private tour of Nice in France.  After all, a professional tour guide who has been guiding travelers in Nice for years knows the city more than any app.

Although maps can tell you what attraction is where and how to get to it, a private tour guide will give you several interesting stories and more inside information to help you connect with each tourist attraction in Nice.

  1. You will get amazing deals around the city

Experienced private tour guides have a special relationship with various establishments, tourist sites, restaurants, and nightclubs in Nice. That enables you to have easier access and amazing deals. For instance, the private tour guide may get you a table reservation and upgrade at the best restaurants or nightclubs in Nice, as well as easy access to the most executive ones that are hard to access regardless of how much you’re willing to pay. The private tour guide can also get you a fantastic room upgrade.

  1. The flexibility to tailor your travel to suit your interests

When most travelers think of the term tour guide, they think of standard tour buses packages. However, a number of private tour guides will tailor the travel experience to include the places and attractions you want to see, rather than taking the normal tourist route.

Hiring a private tour guide offers the tourists a personal experience with a personalized touch. Additionally, you may find that the cost of the tour includes discounted admission into the sites as well as the bus, taxi, etc. – a fact that makes hiring a private tour guide cost-effective.

  1. It saves you time

Knowing the best sites to visit can be difficult, especially if you have limited time. On larger tours, you waste time seeing things you are not interested in. But when it comes to hiring private tour guides, they save you time because they are knowledgeable locals who can recommend the best things to see and do in Nice.

  1. It saves you money

Hiring a private tour guide in Nice will save you money. That’s because a local private tour guide knows the city well and can easily negotiate on your behalf in traditional markets or any other premium outlet.