What to do in Orta San Giulio

What to do in Orta San Giulio

Lake Orta is a lake of extraordinary beauty, of pre-Alpine origin, located in Piedmont in the provinces of Novara and Verbano Cusio Ossola. Taking advantage of the first spring days we left Turin to discover a village overlooking the lake: Orta San Giulio. The lake Orta in Italy: the journey you don’t expect, some would say and with full knowledge of the facts. Let’s see how to get to Orta San Giulio and how to get around.


Orta San Giulio is a graceful village built on the shores of the lake characterized by stone alleys, elegant buildings and enchanting churches. From the main square, Piazza Motta, ferries also depart for the island of San Giulio, a small island in front of Orta where silence and tranquility reign supreme.

To visit Orta San Giulio you need to leave your car in one of the large paid parking lots on the outskirts of the village, but if like us you cannot find a free parking space, we recommend a valid solution. You don’t need to take any particular route. Just park near the football field, you can find it by turning right in the roundabout of Villa Crespi, from there a small pedestrian street starts that goes down to the roundabout of Villa Crespi that you should try for the excellent catering. Arriving at the roundabout we suggest two itineraries, panoramic and relaxing, to reach Orta San Giulio, both of which can be done on foot with children.


First, take the first road on the left near the aforementioned villa. Go ahead for a few meters and turn left again to reach the panoramic road that passes through Ortello and runs along the lake. Once you arrive at the roundabout, continue straight towards Orta. When on the right you find yourself in front of the sign for the panoramic walk, take the path and slowly you will see the lake appear as far as the town. With the first indication in 10 minutes you will be able to arrive in the main square, where you can go from one shop to another and stroll along the banks of the lake. You will see that every point here will be a discovery, an adventure, in the name of the best place that Italy would ever have to offer.